Collected Donations

Total: $400,000

Updated: 12/23/2008



$12,400 donated to U.S. Representative Eliot Engel

$60,000 Medical fund for Tome Bojaj, owner of TV Boin in Malesia

$2,000 given to the Bajze te Kastratit soccer club

$1,000 Donated to


$2,000 Medical fund for an autistic child in Malesia

$2,000 given to SHKA Gruda for their participation in the “Cemi 2007” Cultural Show

$6,700 donated to Club Besa for the US Open Comeptition

$4,000 towards an electric chair for Sokol Kacaj

$40,500 are collected towards a medical fund for Kristian Camaj

$20,000 annual “Ndihme for Malesia” charity event

$9,500 Expenses for Sister City & Mayor Barnett’s trip to Malesia.


“Ndhime per Malesia”- $29,000 for the needy in Malesia

$3,000 to the LD-ASH Coalition for their 2006 campaign


“Ndhime per Malësia” $30,000.00 were raised and will soon be distributed to the needy in Malësia

Donation: AAA “Malësia e Madhe: contributes $1,500 for the publishing of Tom Berishaj’s book.

$1,000 were donated to Taekwondo Club “Besa” in support of their Flag Day ceremonies

Contributions are essential to rebuild the lives of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A check of $1000 was sent to FEMA, Hurricane Katrina Relief and Recovery

$5,000.00 were contributed for “Festivalin mbarëkombëtare RAPSHA, Malesi e Madhe”

A donation with the value of $1,600.00 was donated to Congressman Tom Lantos

Members of the association contributed $1,150.00 to Illyricum.

$600 are donated to UNITASIT

$6,800.00 are donated to Nikoll Nikprelaj regarding “Besen e Trijeshit”

$3,500.00 are donated for the production of the documentary film “Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu”

$5,400 are given to the karate club “Besa” from Malesia

$400.00 are donated to the production of the documentary film of Gjelosh Gjokaj. (Donation given to RTK)

$14,900.00 are gathered to sponsor the translation of the Lahutes se Malesise in English

$500.00 are given to the surgery fund for Iliaz Kadriut’s son in Chicago.

$500 Medical fund for a young Chicago Albanian: Mr. Kadriu

$4,850.00 are donated to TV Boin in Malesia.


$20,000 For the publication of “Krynegritja e Malesise” by Gjergj Nikprelaj

$10,000 Donation to support Congressman Eliot Engel

$38,000.00 are collected towards a humanitarian fund supporting the needy in Malesia.

$4,200 for the transportation of school supplies for the high school in Bajze

The association decides to support the Mjaft movement, $2000.00 are given to the leaders of Mjaft!


$31,000 Conference in Washington D.C. for the status of Albanians in Montenegro

$2,000 For the Albanian Language Department at Wayne State University


$7,000 The Albanian Party in Montenegro

$1,250 Student organization in Malesi