The Formation of a Malësia Municipality Must be Top Priority For the New Montenegrin State

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ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – The Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” calls upon Montenegro to carefully prioritize its objectives as a newly established member of the international community of states, by fostering an environment conducive for all its citizens during this period of transition to statehood.

Democratization does not simply mean seceding from Serbia and establishing an independent entity; democratization more importantly entails establishing and sustaining domestic policies, including social, economic and political institutions that incorporate the entire peoples of the state without prejudices and discriminations.

The Albanian minority in Montenegro continues to appeal for equal protection but continues to be victimized in all spheres of daily life. The Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” insists that Podgorica fulfills its pledge that it will open negotiations with Albanians in Malësia on the construction of local self-government in the form of a municipality.

Greater emphasis on minority rights will be a crucial test that Montenegro will have to address during its shift to statehood, and as a consequence, the Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” will continue to press state officials to recognize the rights of Albanians and demand that disparities that exist among its Albanian population be remedied. Now that the people created the state, the state must ensure that they are equally represented.

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